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Explanation of NIJ standard 0101.06

This article looks at the technical aspect of NIJ standard 0101.06 and what requirements there is for a bullet proof vest tested after the .06 standard. 

NIJ standard 0101.06 is the newest and most advanced bullet proof standard in the world. The NIJ standard poses extremely high requirements for the product, and when comparing to the older NIJ standard 0101.04 with the NIJ standard 0101.06, you will see significant differences in test methods, where many NIJ std. .04 body armor ve ...

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Explanation of NIJ standard 0115.00 against knives and spikes

This article does not only explains the single stab proof levels, but also so you understand the importance that your stab proof vest has been tested and complies with NIJ standard 0115.00, as a single stab can kill you on-site.

NIJ standard 0115.00 is the standard used for stab proof vests, made by NIJ in collaboration with the Police Scientific Development Branch (PSDB) in the UK. 

"NIJ standard 0115.00 is made as a minimum requirement for body armor, which foc ...

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FAQ about body armor

Soft body armor 

Soft body armor is soft protective materials that are flexible and bend in different directions. Within bullet proof vests, we typically see soft body armor in NIJ level IIA, II and IIIA against small arms. If you need your bullet proof vest to stop more powerful projectiles than a .44 Magnum, you need to add Ballistic hard armor plates, which you can read more about below. 

Ballistic plates (hard armor) 

Hard armor, or ballistic plates ar ...

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Hard armor plates FAQ

Home Office Body Armor Standard 2017 (Bullet proof vests)

Since 1993, The Home Office has released test standards for bullet proof vests and stab proof vests, and since then a lot has happened. Test methods have developed and improved with the knowledge gained after years of research and experience, so that you as a user you can get body armor that is tested against the newest and most advanced threats. 

Home Office Body Armor Standard 2017 highlights the minimum requirements for the testing of bulletproof and bulletproof vests for the En ...

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