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NIJ standard 0106.01 for Ballistic helmets

NIJ standard 0106.01 is the ballistic standard for bullet proof helmets and has nothing to do with NIJ standard 0101.06, which is the standard for bullet proof vests and hard armor plates. The standard is from 1981, and has become very old, which is why many manufacturers test "beyond" the standard, as the materials today have become much lighter and stronger than they were in 1981. 

NIJ standard 0106.01 has focus on 3 different ball ...

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Technische Richtlinie (TR) – The German Schutzklasse standard edition 2008

The German Schutzklasse standard is unknown to the most, as we in a country like Denmark we make great use of the American NIJ standard and British HOSDB standard. There are major and significant differences between NIJ and the German Schutz class standard edition 2008, as the German standard is designed for the European (German market) and the US NIJ standard has focus on the United States. This gives very good meaning, as we have different gun types and therefore the threat level is differe ...

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The difference between NIJ standard 0101.04 vs 0101.06

NIJ standard 0101.06 is the newest bulletproof vest standard that sets minimum resistance requirements as well as test methods to be followed for bullet proof vests and ballistic plates. The standard is only for bullet proof vests and ballistic plates, and does not deal with edged blades or other pointed instruments, which is NIJ standard 0115.00, which is the test standard for this.

NIJ standard 0101.06 replaces the following standards:

  • NIJ standard
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    Who is CAST/HOSDB? (Home Office Body Armor Standard for UK Police)

    CAST (Center for Applied Science and Technology), also known as HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch), consists of researchers and engineers who research and develop technological solutions to fight crime. CAST works with various universities, academies and is in direct contact with the various industries that use body armor, including police, where they have developed on test standards for stab and bullet proof vests for the police in England since 1993. 

    These standards, lik ...

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    Who is NIJ? (National Institute of Justice)

    The National Institute of Justice is a US institute working below the US Department of Justice. NIJ aims to increase and understand crime through a scientific eye, where you look objectively and scientifically at everything, with the aim of reducing the crime and safety of people working in different industries. 

    The NIJ institute has existed since 1968, and has since been one of the leading institutes when it comes to researching in developing and improving current technologies. 

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