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Bullet proof helmets

Bullet proof helmets in MICH and ARCH from Protection Group Danmark

Bullet proof helmets from Protection Group Danmark

Our bullet proof helmets are made to meet every need and designed to withstand some of the world's most powerful small arms as all our helmets have been tested to the modified NIJ standard 0106.01 against a .44 Magnum and .357 Sig, which provides you with more protection than the NIJ standard 0106.01.

All our bullet proof helmets are made aramid from Twaron, which is a high performance man-made fiber. The company behind this aramid is Teijin, which are a Dutch company and a leading manufacturer of bullet proof aramids. This fiber is also very similar to the well-known Kevlar aramid from Dupont, and the aramid fibers are very similar.

The Twaron fiber has a good resistance against:
  • No melting point (meltdown of Twaron fibers starts at 500° C) 
  • Strong against heat, sharp objects and chemical agents.
  • No conductivity.
  • It has a very high strength relative to the weight of the material.

All bullet proof helmets are tested according to the ballistic standard 0106.01 for bullet proof helmets; NIJ IIIA, where they are tested against .44 Magnum and .357 SIG. We can send our test report from HP White on request.

Note that "NIJ standard 0106.01 for ballistic helmets" has 3 ballistic levels where NIJ level II is the highest bullet proof level for a ballistic helmet; These are tested against a .357 Magnum JSP and 9 mm FMJ. We have chosen to develop an even stronger bullet proof helmet that can stop some of the most advanced threats, including a .44 Magnum and .357 Sig, which is equivalent to NIJ level IIIA for soft armor according to NIJ standard 0101.06.
Our helmets are V50 tested according to STANAG2920, which gives you protection against fragments and shrapnel up to 700 m/s.

The helmet provides resistance to extreme temperatures, fire, water, moisture and ultra violet light (UV).

Furthermore our bullet proof helmets are certified to EN397, which will reduce the bullet impact damage in head and neck. This shock absorption performance is required for bullet proof helmets, as it can save your life. This certification provides protection against the most advanced hand-guns.

We stock both helmets in Khaki and Multicam. For other colors please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will make these after your specifications. This is for the following colors: Navy Green, Navy, Nato Blue and Black.

ARCH bullet proof helmet

Our ARCH bulletproof helmet is designed to meet the latest requirements on the battlefield. This bullet proof helmet is with high-cut at the ears which gives you room for hearing protection or communication equipment. This gives a lightweight ballistic helmet, so you also can attach accessories on the rail system on the side of the helmet, with a Picatinny Rail Adapter included for all our helmets. In addition, there is an integrated Night Vision Goggle Mount on the front of the helmet.
This allows the following equipment to be attached on the bullet proof helmet:

  • Weapons lights 
  • video recording equipment 
  • Up-armor side covers
  • Ballistic visor
  • NVG Glasses 
  • Strobe light 
  • O2 Mask 
  • Night vision mount 
  • Picatinny Rail adapter 
  • Covers for the helmet 
  • And much more. 
Additionally, you can attach a GoPro camera on the front shroud. An ARCH bullet proof helmet gives you a lot of opportunities to attach a variety of accessories, making it a formidable helper.

The ARCH ballistic helmet comes in the following colors: Tan, Black, Multicam OD Green.

Mich bullet proof helmet

Our Mich bullet proof helmet gives you the same opportunities as our ARCH bullet proof helmet. The difference is that our MICH bulletproof helmet are with Low cut, which means that this provides more protection by the ears, and therefore there is no room for the same communication equipment or hearing protection, unless it is in a small headset. You will have the same opportunities when it comes to adding accessories on the rail system.