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MICH bullet proof helmet

343.2 €
MICH bullet proof helmet
  • NIJ IIIA .44 magnum & .357 SIG
  • V50; 650-680 m/s


Note that there is a manufacturing time of 2-4 weeks on our MICH bullet proof helmet.

MICH bullet proof helmet, also called for an ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) This bullet proof helmet provides more protection than our ARCH bulletproof helmet, because this helmet are with low cut. This kind of bullet proof helmet is used by the US military.   


The helmet is made of Twaron aramid from Teijin and tested to a .44 Magnum and .357 Sig after the ballistic standard for bullet proof helmets; NIJ standard 0106.01. The bullet proof helmet is tested to V50 according to STANAG2920, which is the NATO standard for bullet proof materials. This test shows the helmets ability to stop shrapnel and fragments where it can stop 17 grains of 683 m/sec. 


  • The inside of the helmet is padded with soft foam that is adjustable.
  • NIJ IIIA; V50 ballistic test according STANAG2920, 17 grains from 683 m/sec
  • Designed to meet the latest US military standards, which gives you protection from some of the most advanced hand-guns. 
  • Possible to adjust the helmet.
  • The helmet weight is; L (1.50 kg) og XL (1.55 kg)
  • Manufactured in Twaron Aramid from Teijin.
  • Size L (54-59 cm) and XL (60+)
  • Accessories can be attached on the rail system.
  • 5 year warranty

We keep this MICH bulletproof helmet in stock in Multicam and Khaki. If you're looking for other colors, we can also accept those on demand. This is applicable for the following colors: Black, Navy, Navy green and Nato blue.

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