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Bullet proof and stab proof vest (NIJ IIIA + Stab level 1)

455.2 €
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We have 4 weeks of delivery on this vest. 

Bullet proof and stab proof vest in NIJ level IIIA (.44 Magnum and .357 Sig) + NIJ Stab level 1 (36 joules). 

This bullet- and stab proof vest is perfect for you who need a vest that provides protection against both bullets and knives. This body armor will not only stop knives, but also spikes, needles, broken bottles and other sharp objects. At the same time, this body armor will also provide you protection against blunt trauma objects as baseball bats, police batons and others. This is due to the ballistic material UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), which is a material with a very low density in relation to the force it can stop.

  • NIJ IIIA 0101.06 + Stab level 1 0115.00 (Tested according to these standards). 
  • Protects against some of the world's most powerful handguns, .357 SIG and .44 Magnum 
  • Stab proof up to 24 joules, with an overtest of 36 joules. Perfect for doormen or guards! 
  • Reduces the blunt force trauma from baseball bats, police batons and similar blunt objects. 
  • 8.5 mm thin. 
  • The vest weighs from 1.9 to 3.1 kg (4.1 to 6.8 lbs) 
  • 5-year warranty on the bullet and stab proof panels, and 2-year warranty on the carrier system. 
  • Breathable PGD-mesh against sweat, heat and bacterias. 

To find the correct size for the vest, we recommend that you choose one size smaller than you use in T-shirts. Read our sizing guide here. 

UHMWPE bullet- and stab proof vests 

UHMWPE is up to 15 times stronger than steel, and offers an excellent protection against both ballistics and edged blades and pointed instruments. This is why Protection Group Danmark has chosen to make our bullet- and stab proof vests in UHMWPE as this solves the problem very easily. 

UHMWPE is more rigid than our bullet proof vest in aramid, which means that this bullet- and stab proof vest can stop attacks from striking blunt objects as baseball bats, batons etc. After short use this body armor will adapt to the shape of your body and fit very tight for concealable use.

You get a 3-in-1 body armor, as it is bulletproof; stab proof and provides blunt force trauma protection against blunt objects. 

PGD-mesh heat system

This body armor has breathable PGD-mesh heat system towards the body, which ensures that your body maintains the right temperature; If you are feeling hot the breathable material help the heat escaping your body, and vice versa if will also keep on the heat, if you are cold. This makes it possible to wear this body armor over long periods with a normal body temperature regardless if it’s hot or cold due to this proactive temperature regulation system.


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Customer Reviews

  • 5 ★★★★★ by

    Haven't been shot yet or stabbed.
    This comment is to rate comfort of the vest.
    In Greece it is both cold, humid and hot at times (much like London but with a 40 degree Celsius heat at times) and i constantly wear it without any discomfort. Keeps me warm and cool, depending on what i need. Very light, even for a bullet and stab proof vest.
    If i get shot or stabbed ( god i hope i don't ), i will inform about it.
    Thank you for your work. Keep up the good job.