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Bullet proof vest (NIJ IIIA) | PGD-Alpha

469 €incl vat
Size *
  • Outlast PCM technology
  • 7 mm thin (0.23 inches)
  • Extremely flexible
  • 1.8 kilo size large (3.9 lbs)


Bullet proof vest in NIJ level IIIA (3A)

This is a bullet proof vest where no compromises have been made to the quality or the choice of ballistic material structure.

We have manufactured this body armor 100% in Europe with Twaron® aramid from Teijin, Cordura® and Outlast® PCM (Phase Change Materials) technology, which is a technology that can hold and release heat.

This means that if you are cold, the Outlast technology will keep you warm, and vice versa, if you're warm and sweaty the Outlast will help you to release the heat, which results in a unique bullet proof vest that can be worn up to 12-14 hours due to the Outlast technology.

Our bullet proof vest has a weight of only 1.8 kilo for a size large and has a thinness of only 7 mm (0.27 inches). The bullet proof inserts are incredibly soft and will easy form to the body of the user as they are very flexible. 

We have designed a bullet proof vest that gives you protection against some of the most powerful and most advanced handguns, such as; .40 S&W, 9 mm, .357 Magnum, .357 Sig and .44 Magnum. The bullet proof vest offers 360 degrees protection around the torso and sits very close to the body, so the vest can be concealed below a t-shirt, shirt or other clothing.  

  • NIJ IIIA 0101.04 and 0101.06
  • Protects against: .357 SIG, 9mm .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.
  • Manufactured in high quality Twaron® aramid from Teijin.
  • Weight of each size: Small (1.50 kg) - Medium (1.67 kg) - Large (1.84 kg) - X-Large (2.07 kg) - XX-Large (2.24 kg) XXX Large (2.47 kg)
  • 7 mm thin.
  • Unisex (can be used by both men and women)
  • Extremely flexible and will adapt to the body, regardless of body type.
  • 7-year warranty on the bulletproof panels and 2-year warranty on the carrier.
  • Outlast PCM technology that keeps your body at the right temperature.
  • Possible to add Hard armor and bullet proof plates in both the front and back - 20x25 cm (8x10 inches).
To find the correct size for the vest, we recommend that you choose one size smaller than you use in T-shirts. Read our sizing guide here.

Laboratory test from H.P. White in the United States. This test is against a .44 Magnum

Laboratory test from H.P. White in the United States. This test is against a .357 SIG

If you want to see the test report, please send us an email to info@protectiongroup.dk

Twaron aramid from Teijin 

This body armor is manufactured in Twaron Aramid from Teijin which is a high performance man-made fiber. Teijin has over 30 years’ experience in aramids, and therefore they are one of the leading companies in the development of bullet proof aramid fibers. If you should compare Twaron fiber with another known company, it would be Kevlar from Dupont.

The Twaron fiber’s main characteristics are:

  • High strength (high strength relative to the low weight) 
  • Good against heat, sharp objects and chemical agents
  • No melting point (decomposition of Twaron fibers starts at 500° C)
  • Hard to burn
  • No conductivity 

Tested to NIJ standard 0101.06

We have tested this bullet proof vest according to NIJ standard 0101.06, which means even more safety for you.
You have the following advantages of a NIJ 0101.06 tested bullet proof vest:
  • NIJ standard 0101.06 gives you protection against the most advanced handguns, including: 9mm, .40 S&W .357 Magnum, .357 Sig and .44 Magnum.
  • The ballistic insert can withstand daily use, 5 times a week, 52 weeks a year for 5 years minimum.
  • Increased protection versus older NIJ standards. 
All in all you get a bullet proof vest, which has been tested by the world's toughest and hardest bullet proof test standard, which increases your safety as a user of our bullet proof vest.

Bullet proof vest with 7 year warranty

This bullet proof vest comes with a 7-year ballistic warranty giving you a cheap bullet proof vest without compromising on the quality. All bullet proof inserts come in a 100% water resistant cover to prevent sweat or water from damaging the ballistics of the body armor.

A one of a kind bullet proof vest

Our bullet proof vest are lined with Outlast® PCM technology, which means that the vest will adapt to your body temperature. If you are hot, the technology will absorb the heat and keep you cool you down and vice versa, if you're cold, the Outlast technology keeps you warm.

This means that the bullet proof vest can be worn over long periods of 12-14 hours, which only Outlast® PCM technology makes possible for you. Outlast will help you regulating the heat/cold so you will feel “just right”.

Please note that Outlast® is a technology and not a material. This means that Outlast can hold and release the heat versus traditional mesh/foam absorbent materials that only can release sweat and heat.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 ★★★★★ by

    Really lightweight and fits snug! Easy to breath in and its made of nice material! I recommend this vest!

  • 5 ★★★★★ by

    Amazing body armor!
    Fits perfect and it is lightweight and thin, making it easy to conceal under a shirt.

  • 5 ★★★★★ by

    Fantastisk vest, som sidder 100% tæt under min skjorte.
    Jeg synes at vesten er meget behagelig, og den er heller ikke for varm at have på.