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Cut resistant combat shirt

149.6 €
Size *
  • Cut resistant to level 5
  • 3 times stronger than cut level 5
  • Coolmax for extra comfort


Cut resistant combat shirt designed and manufactured by Protection Group Danmark. This slash resistant combat shirt is made for use as a combat shirt, but can also be used as normal cut proof shirt worn under any clothing for concealable use. 

The grey area on the cut resistant combat shirt, is where you will have protection from the cut resistant fabric. The cut proof fabric covers all areas where the bulletproof vest, stab proof vest or tactical carrier not will offer any protection. The combat shirt will protect around the throat, shoulders, arm cavity and the whole arm, which are important areas where a single cut on your arteries can be lethal and deadly.
The black Coolmax fabric gives you breathable and moisture wicking function, as you will carry your body armor above this. It will keep you cold and fresh so the slash resistant shirt can be worn for many hours.

The combat shirt is made in our specially developed, cut resistant PE material that is very soft and breathable. The material does not absorb moisture and is sweat transporting and breathable over extended periods of use. The cut resistant fabric is at the same time very durable, giving you slash resistant protection according to the European Standard EN388, where this type of cut resistant fabric offers up to 3 times more cut resistance than the highest cut proof level 5 (EN388).

The cut resistant shirt will feel like a normal shirt, and does not feel itchy in direct contact with the skin. Coolmax has been applied inside the neck for comfort and breathability.

On each shoulder there are sleeve pockets, both with velcro and zipper in durable Cordura fabric.

  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Moisture wicking and breathable slash resistant fabric. 
  • Coolmax fabric against sweat, heat and moisture. 
  • Cut resistant level 5 (3 times stronger than level 5 according to EN388)

The cut resistant combat shirt has been tested to the following standards:
UNE EN 388: 1995
Cut resistant level 5

UNE EN 388: 2004
Puncture Resistant level 2
Abrasion Resistant level 1
Tear Resistance Level 4

To find the correct size for the combat shirt, we recommend that you choose one size smaller than you use in a normal t-shirt.
Please note that the stab resistant vest on the pictures not is included.

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