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Ballistic side plate - NIJ level 3 (III) - 100% HPPE - SA | LW-Line

95.6 €
Size *
  • 100% HPPE
  • Low weight
  • Single curved


Ballistic side plate NIJ level 3 - 100% HPPE

This is a stand-alone ballistic plate that is made to put in the side of your carrier system. The ballistic plate is designed in square cut with a single curve so that it fits comfortably to the body.

The ballistic side plate has a weight of only 0.47 kilo and 0.62 kilo, making these side plates the lightest level 3 ballistic plates you can get.

The advantage of a 100% HPPE ballistic insert in NIJ Level 3 is that it is light and that polyethylene is great against multi-hits.

Our 100% HPPE ballistic plate is designed to stop 7.62x51 Nato, M80 and 7.62x39 MSC, AK47. You can read more about our 30x25 cm ballistic plate here, where the features of our HPPE plates are described further.

At the same time, our 100% HPPE ballistic plate comes in a 100% water resistant Cordura cover that is heat sealed to the plate against liquids such as oil, water and the like.

Around the entire ballistic plate there is a thin layer of foam that protects the hard armor plate against being dropped so that the ballistic property is always intact.


Stops the following threats:
7.62x51 NATO, M80 (NIJ level 3 0101.06)
7.62x39 MSC, AK47 

  •         Tested to NIJ level III
  •         Stand alone | Requires no soft armor
  •         Weighing only 0.47 kg (15x15 cm) and 0.62 kg (20x15 cm)
  •         28 mm thick
  •         Square cut
  •      Single curved
  •         Water resistant fabric cover against oil and similar liquids

7 year warranty

If you need the bullet proof plate with other specifications, ICW (In conjunction with) or curves (single, multi-curve), this can be made on request. Please contact us on +45 61274857 or Jonas@protectiongroup.dk

Test report - NIJ standard 0101.06 against 7.62x51 Nato – contact info@protectiongroup.dk for further information. 

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