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NIJ IIIA++ | AP stopper - 25x20 cm - ICW | LW-Line

107.2 €
Size *
  • IIIA++ against AP bullets
  • 11 mm thin
  • Only 0.4 kg
  • 7 years warranty


NIJ IIIA++ | AP stopper - 25x20 cm – ICW

Our NIJ IIIA ++ 9 mm armor piercing stopper are designed to stop bullets with a hardened steel core (Solid Bullet / Solid Steel Core / Armor Piercing). These types will normally penetrate a normal bullet proof vest whether it is made in aramid or polyethylene.  

The hard armor plate consists of 100% HPPE (High performance polyethylene), with a thickness of only 11 mm.

The 9 mm AP stopper is designed to work ICW (In conjunction with) NIJ II soft armor as minimum. It is recommended to be used with our PGD-Alpha bullet proof vest.

The ballistic plate are made in 2 versions, which are curved to follow the shape of the body.

  • In a horizontal curved plate (to the front) 
  • In a vertical curved plate (for the back) 


  • Tested according to NIJ IIIA ++ against 6 shots from 9x19 AP SX 7.0 with 412 m/s. 
  • 11 mm thin 
  • Weighs only 400 grams per plate 
  • 25x20 cm (10x8 inches) 
  • Heat sealed waterproof cover against water, oil and similar liquids. 
  • 7 year ballistic guarantee 

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