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How to choose the right bullet proof vest

When you wear a bullet or stab proof vest it is extremely important that it fits comfortably and close to the body without bothering you in any way. We all have different bodies, and therefore it may be difficult to know what size vest you have to choose. 

Before you start looking into whether the bullet proof vest will fit you or not, you need to decide if you need a bullet proof vest, stab proof vest, or a multivest that is both. You can do this by looking at the level of threat you think you might be exposed to. If there is a chance of being shot: you choose a bullet proof vest and if there is a chance of being exposed to knives, you choose a stab proof vest, simple and easy method. 

A bullet proof vest needs to cover your major organs, which sits from the navel and up to the clavicle. This is the most important area, and it can be life-threatening if you get hit by a shot in the torso area. In addition it is also important that a bullet proof vest do not go down below the navel, otherwise you will not be able to bend and move properly. 

The same applies to the chest region where your bullet proof vest shouldn’t be too wide. This will cause problems in relation to the movement of your arms. 

Our bullet proof and stab proof vests are designed so that they are made to cover the most important areas, which includes the torso (abdomen), back and sides. This means you have 360 degree protection. We have at Protection Group Danmark made our bullet- and stab proof vests in a different way than many other manufacturers. We have designed the bullet proof vests to fit roughly the same as you use in a t-shirt. This applies to 99% of cases.

If you generally use a size large in a t-shirt you have to select the number less in a bullet proof or stab proof vest. This means that you will get the correct size. 

If you have any doubts about what size you need, please click here to see the measurements for our bullet proof and stab proof vest here.

REMEMBER that your bullet proof vest ONLY is bullet resistant

Wearing a bullet proof vest it doesn’t mean you are the new Ironman. A bullet proof vest is not 100% bullet proof, as they are made only to be bullet resistant. This means that even if the vest stops the shot, the actual trauma from the bullet (blunt trauma) could kill you in extremely adverse situations. 

Many will find that it feels like being hit with a hammer and this also means that you can break ribs or be very sore for a longer period, which are very common. 

The fibers in a bullet proof vest are designed to spread the energy out, like water rings spreading out. However, they cannot absorb all the energy and therefore the projectile will go a certain depth into the body. According to NIJ standard 0101.06 and Nij standard 0101.04 the depth of the shot can’t exceed more than 44 mm, which means that the shot can go pretty deep into the body, and harm you significantly.

Note that the NIJ standard is based on US conditions against .44 Magnum, which is not a normal gun in Europe, where we use 9 mm, .357 SIG and similar, less powerful guns. 

NEVER buy a used bullet proof vest

You have probably read this section because you are in the buying phase of a bullet proof vest. Therefore you should be aware of NEVER buying a used bullet proof vest.
  • A used bullet proof vest may have lost its bullet proof ability if the vest has been exposed to extreme temperatures, mistreated, or whether it has been exposed to impact or anything that has destroyed the bullet proof fibers in the vest.
  • It is your life, and if you save 150 euro or less on buying a used bullet proof vest is not worth it. 
  • Take care of yourself and think about yourself and your personal security instead of your wallet.