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PGD Exoskeleton (NIJ level 3)

319.2 €
Size *
  • NIJ 0115.00 level 3
  • 1.8 kg size large
  • 5 mm thin


Stab proof vest - NIJ level 3 | (PGD-Exoskeleton)

This is our flagship within our stab resistant vests. You get one of the strongest stab proof vests that more or less is impossible penetrate, whether it's a knife, spike, needle or similar pointed/edged instrumentet.

You get a stab proof vest/spike proof vest that have been tested for NIJ standard 0115.00 level 3 - 65 joules against both knife and spike (similar to the HOSDB standard KR3 + SP3).

You get a stab proof vest that is up to 50% lighter than similar vests on the market. At the same time this stab proof vest is same weight as most NIJ level 1/KR1 stab vests, but offering up to 80% more resistance against knife and spike attacks.

Outstanding protection against “blunt force trauma”

We have designed the vest from the “exoskeleton principles”. This results in a stab proof vest that is made up with a lot of pieces of aluminum that all are pre-shaped and linked together with flexible joints, so the vest can adjust to all body types and fit comfortably.

The unique Exoskeleton system provides a stab proof vest that stops all kinds of blunt instruments, punches and kicks, which is known as “blunt force trauma”.

It is important to understand that the chance of being attacked by a blunt instrument or hit is extremely dangerous, as you quickly can become pacified.

That is why our Exoskelet's stab proof vest offers full protection against all kinds of blunt force trauma so that you are protected from any conceivable situation, whether it is a knife, spike, needle or blunt instrument.

  • NIJ standard 0115.00 level 3 (S1, P1 and Spike at 65 joules)
  • ONLY 1.8 kilo size large (3.96 lbs)
  • Exoskeleton system, which adapts to any body type.
  • stops punches, kicks and blunt instruments
  • 5 mm thin
  • Indefinite lifespan compared to kevlar’s 5 year lifespan.

Read our sizing guide here

You get a 2-in-1 stab proof vest that not only protects you from striking edged/pointed instruments, but also against blunt objects like baseball bats and police batons, as well as kicks and punches, which is unique for a stab proof vest.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 ★★★★★ by

    Super god vest med fin bevægelighed i.
    Bruger den når jeg står i døren og har absolut ingen problemer med at komme rundt selvom den i starten kan virke meget stiv i det.
    Kan kun anbefale den.
    Og så er det skønt at se folk få ondt i hånden når de prøver at slå en i maven.