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Stab proof vest (NIJ 1 - Soft stab)

239.2 €
Size *
  • Protection from blunt force trauma
  • Stopping knives, spikes & needles
  • 2.15 kilo size large


Stab proof vest NIJ 1 

This is our unique stab proof vest, which is tested and approved to NIJ 1 (24/36 joules).

The vest is made of fibers and flexible steel, which makes it possible for the vest to be thin, yet incredibly flexible. This means that this stab proof vest can fit perfectly against the body. The vest is breathable and has a good air circulation, so you're not going to sweat. The vest is made so that it will adapt to your body, no matter what body type you have. This is because of the flexible metals in the vest. 

This stab proof vest protects you not only against knives, needles, broken bottles and ice picks. It also provides protection against punches, kicks and batons.

Stab proof vest from Protection Group Danmark: 

  • NIJ 1 (Edged S1 blade) - standard 0115.00 - (24 joules with a over test of 36 joules).
  • 5 year warranty on the stab proof panels. 
  • Weight: Small (1.84 kilo) - Medium (2 kilo) - Large (2.15 kilo) - X-large (2.26 kilo) - XX-large (2.44 kilo) XXX-large (2.7 kilo)
  • The vest is flexible and adapts to the body.
  • The panels are only 6 mm thick. 
  • Fits close to the body. 
  • Low blunt force trauma against punches, kicks and batons.
  • Breathable mesh towards the body against heat, sweat and moisture.
  • Possible to add trauma and bullet proof plates in both the front and back pocket - 25x20 cm (10x8 inches). 

This is a vest for you who won’t compromise your safety, that are tested to stop most common threats from pointed and edged instruments as knives, spikes, needles and the blunt for trauma from kicks. 

To find the correct size for the vest, it is recommended that you take one size smaller than what you use in T-shirts. You can read more about the sizes here.

This is a test of our stab proof vest - in addition to providing protection against knives, bottles and needles, this stab proof vest also provides very good protection against kicks and batons.

Choose a certified stab proof vest! 

According to the European statistics, there are many more incidents involving knives than with firearms. The chances of people using a bottle or other equipment are significantly larger and therefore it is recommended at least to wear a stab proof vest during guard, institution or doorman work. 

When only looking at night life, the chances of you coming face to face with a gun is incredibly small, but the chance that people have a knife, a bottle or use their fists, is much higher. This occurs more frequently, and therefore a stab proof vest is the right choice. Our stab proof vest will protect your most important organs, and also protect you against punches, kicks and batons, which are entirely unique for this stab proof vest. 

This stab proof vest is made of fibers and a steel core, which together provide an incredibly strong stab proof vest. The combination of these materials makes a thin, cheap and incredibly strong vest compared to if the stab proof vest had only been made in a fiber material; Aramid (Kevlar) or UHMWPE (Dyneema).

The benefits of mixing steel and fiber materials together is not an economic reason, but because stab proof vests are usually only designed to stop knives. In addition, our vest also stops punches, kicks and batons. A normal stab proof aramid (Kevlar) vest could not do this, because it is incredibly soft. 

With this stab proof vest you will get protection against knives, bottles, needles, awls, punches, kicks and batons. 

This stab proof vest will always protect you

This vest will give you the ultimate protection and will be your new armor against the before mentioned threats.

  • You will get a approved and tested stab proof vest in accordance with NIJ 1 (edged blade)
  • Resistant to blunt force trauma from kicks and batons! 
  • An inexpensive solution that can save your life. 
  • Concealable underneath clothing, and the vest will after some time mold to your body.

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  • 5 ★★★★★ by

    Great comfort and perfect for covert use. I have been wearing this vest for a few months and i like the quality of this body armour.

    I will definitely recommend this!